PHILIPS GoGear SA2825 – a tiny MP3 player that rocks the world…

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Size doesn’t matters, what matters is the performance in case of media players. This is our ultimate conclusion after experiencing the release of GoGear SA2825 MP3 player from the house of Philips. This tiny, yet effective music gadget is sure to rock the world with its great features.


Philips GoGear SA2825 is not just a tiny MP3 player, it can be used in a number of other ways apart from playing music. A dark translucent body with an OLED screen placed just below it and a ultimate glossy finish simply gives the look of a fingerprint magnet. Exploring through the menus is quiet easier and the device has the capability to house four lines of text at a time – which is a great feature for a tiny gadget like GoGear SA2825. A number of function keys or buttons have been embedded on a silver panel on the side-wise edge of the gadget. You are always free to connect to the outside world with the help of device’s mini USB port sealed with a rubber cap. Navigating through the menus and playing the tracks becomes much easier and flexible due to the indicators placed at the front of the screen.


This MP3 unit is available with an internal storage of 2GB. The player also allows you to record songs from FM and the quality is also upto the satisfaction level, except certain noises that have been observed while attempting for a real time recording. With the help of the slots provided with the player, you can easily record upto 20 FM channels. The menu view is user friendly and simple to use. The folder view of the player allows you to toggle between the tracks quickly. The device offers an average level of battery back-up.


This stylish and portable MP3 player is available at a price tag of INR Rs.2,999. In short the Philips GoGear SA2825 is an enjoyable experience, inspite of the fact that the full body sound control needs a little improvement.

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