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Facebook refers to Social networking website with millions of users, the person must be 13 years old to join and register with Facebook, this gives an option for the user to add friends and swap or exchange message with other users or friends. There are many applications which make Facebook more popular and interesting.

TechCubeTalk regular contributor Sudha C has listed top 5 most popular facebook app which you’ll definitely love to add to your profile. Check back and let us know your feedback. If we miss any other app post that in your comments and we’ll add review on that-

rss-graffitiRSS Graffiti: RSS Graffiti is one of the famous application in Facebook; this application helps the user to share the photos and videos of YouTube, this application comprises of RSS feed which can do incredible things for the writers who write articles. This application allows the user to automatically get the latest information posted in different websites. The Tweeter updates can be posted to Facebook, which can become Facebook status for the user. It is very easy to set up in few minutes and any articles or content can be displayed with the help of an image.

firmvilleFarmville: Farmville is introduced by Zynga. It is one of the popular game being played by more than 10 percent of youngsters and it’s a free game available in Facebook and also available as an Adobe Flash Application for the users. This game revolves around the concepts of farming like plowing, plants harvesting and growing crops etc. this gives an option for social interface, where the friends are invited to play the game and help in growing crops or grains, this focuses on joint efforts. The player has an option of buying or selling livestock to his neighbor player or friends.

Mafia Wars: Mafia Wars has an option for multi-players and it is introduced by Zynga as an interesting game for young audience, the name itself indicates that it is a war of Mafia. The players can set up their own gang or Mafia team, and can make their team to play against the other teams to strengthen the team. There are different levels in this game, the player can earn points and cash rewards when he passes through each level. This game has different criteria which are revolved around the game, like timers, energy levels and health meters etc. Mafia War depends on the strength of the opponent and their strength.

Scrabble: Scrabble is a brain storming game, which can be played by two or four players. As the game is available in various languages, players across the world can play this game. Scrabble revolves around framing a meaningful word found in a dictionary with the help of individual letters. The capitalized, Acronyms, slang, jargons, hyphenated are not considered and foreign words are also not appreciated to be included in this game, unless those words are considered by English language.

Texas Holdem Poker: Texas Holdem Poker is very popular card game application. This poker requires some experience to excel in it.  This game application allows the player to raise, keep a check or to bet. Texas Holdem Poker is played randomly by the player and the game is out of control and most of the times the game is dealt and competed in the terms of cash or money. The game comes to an end when the player has concluded the game by folding the card, which diminishes the opportunities for the other player to continue the game and win the plot.

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